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Transforming the college to career process

To reach college students, companies are forced to attend on-campus career fairs and use cluttered job boards. Because of this, companies target few schools and only meet the 20% of students who attend career fairs. Scholars can help decrease your spend per hire, while increasing the number of schools you can recruit from. 

Why Scholars?

Currently, the main strategy to reach college students is to attend career fairs or post on a job board. Scholars offers an effective alternative.


Our database includes students from over 250 campuses for companies to recruit from


Every job posted on Scholars has received a match from a qualified candidate

Our solution

We’re building digital connectivity for companies to find and recruit college talent in a quicker, cheaper and more measured process.

Access to entire database

Every business has the ability to view each student profile in the Scholars database

Increase efficiency

Review more qualified profiles without increasing your time commitment

Increase engagement

Simplify your recruiting and enhance your company footprint without leaving the office

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