The current internship model is broken

The internship model as it stands today is incredibly broken. Internships are unproductive for companies — employees spend more time finding work for an intern to do than they do actually working. On the flip side, interns spend most of their days sitting around waiting for work to be given to them. The average summer interns spends roughly 75% of their day doing absolutely nothing. Below is a story from one of our founders about his experience as an intern during the summer between his sophomore and junior year. 

I spent the spring semester of my sophomore year cold emailing companies all over Atlanta essentially begging them to give me an internship (sound familiar? This is pretty much why we started scholars). Eventually, one of them replied and I took the job. They were paying me, I had my own office and I thought I had hit the jackpot. Everything was going well until about the second day when I felt like I was dying of boredom. I was practically begging anyone in the office to give me something to do but all of them were busy. So I sat around, watched some MLB games on my phone, played a lot of candy crush, clocked out and went home. This is basically how my entire summer went until week eight. I had two weeks left of the internship at this point and my manager knocked on my door (first time this had happened all summer) and asked me to meet him in the conference room in five minutes. When I walked in there was roughly 30,000 sheets of paper piled up on the table. He said, “We’ve decided to go digital so in the next two weeks before you leave I’ll need you to scan these documents, label them and turn them into e-files.” I finished in ten days and never went back. 

This is typical for most internships and although we understand the “earn your stripes” mentality it is wildly unproductive for everyone involved. The students don’t have anything valuable to add to their resume and the business has lost a potential future employee. Instead, internships should be used as a two way street for potential employees and businesses to get to know each other in a productive way. Through that process businesses are able to grow and hire in a much more efficient process. Fortunately, our platform does exactly that! Contact us today if you want to learn more.

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