The future of work is remote

Virtual and remote work is becoming easier each day with new tools popping up that help automate processes and find talent with the click of a button. The need for large offices is dwindling and the best perk you can offer employees, besides health care, is the ability to work whenever and wherever they want. 

What this really boils down to is the realization by most companies that forcing an employee to dress a certain way and work specific hours isn’t productive. In fact, it’s wildly unproductive. Some people work better in the afternoon, some in the morning and some in the middle of the night. Employees are finally being encouraged to work on schedules that suit them and businesses are seeing the benefits of that.

A professor of psychology at Swarthmore College, has identified the key elements that employees look for in their work aside from the salary. 

An employee needs:

  • Satisfaction/engagement
  • Belonging
  • Meaning

What employers will need to figure out over the next few years is how to provide that in a virtual environment. How to create a culture when their employees aren’t together every day will be tough but not impossible. Plus, with all of the benefits of virtual and remote workers, it is worth the task.

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