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Typical internships require a lot of time, money and energy from the company and most of the time end up drastically decreasing productivity. Our model is changing that by connecting businesses with talent from the colleges and universities in the country to make immediate impacts. Our scholars have been proven to bring immense value to the businesses they work with.

Stop wasting time finding busy work for interns to do and start seeing them as valuable members of your team. Get connected with talent on our platform and see for yourself what a scholar can do for you.

working with scholars

  • talent search

    No need to spend time traveling to career fairs and other events. Find top talent all in one place right here on our platform. Connect with students across the country who are eager to get to know you.

  • increased productivity

    Offload tasks onto college students so you can get back to work. These amazing students will get everything you need done while you grow your business and worry about high level jobs.

  • streamline recruitment

    Integrate potential future employees into your culture and workflows. Get work done while getting to know top talent in what is basically an extended interview process.

  • save resources

    Save money on all overhead costs when you work with our students. Get everything done remotely through our platform.

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